Debian jessie for Banana Pi

To install Debian jessie on Banana Pi you need:

– Computer with GNU/Linux OS with network access
– Card reader
– Memory card with 2GB or more space
– Banana Pi with network access
– 3,3V serial to USB converter

Go to website and choose network installation with armhf,
Now on,
save/open in new tab SHA256SUMS to check the files bellow
Go to netboot directory and SD-card-images and download:
– firmware.BananaPi.img.gz
– partition.img.gz
Check with sha256sums and compare with the SHA256SUMS file

According the README.concatenateable_images file use :
zcat firmware..img.gz partition.img.gz > complete_image.img

Copy ‘complete_image.img’ to sdcard with dd:
sudo dd if=complete_image.img of=(path of sdcard) bs=8K

Connect the serial adapter and insert the sdcard into the Banana Pi and plug the power, you will see the installer booting into your terminal,
Installer work like x86 installer juste be carefull with the ‘hard disk partitionning’ you can safely remove the FAT partition and take the whole to ext4 partition because the uboot bootloader is between sector 0 and 2047 but dont erase these sectors.

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